Speed Controller Torox 135 Brushless 2-4S (Radix 4)


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Max. Cont. Current (A): 135A
Weight (g): 105 g
Motor Limit:
2S LiPo / 6 Cell NiMH: KV=6000 (3656 size motor)
3S LiPo / 9 Cell NiMH: KV=4000 (3656 size motor)
4S LiPo / 12 Cell NiMH: KV=3000 (3656 size motor)
Input Voltage (V) min. – max.: 7.4 – 14.4 V
Max. Current (A): 850A
Length (mm): 49 mm
Nr of Li-xx Cells: 2-4S LiPo
Width (mm): 39.5 mm
Nr of Ni-xx Cells: 6-12 Cells
Height (mm): 34.7 mm
BEC Voltage (V): 6-7.4 V programmable
BEC Current (A): 6A
Lipo Cut off: Programmable
Thermal Protection Temperature: 105C / 125C programmable
Water Protection: Yes
Cooling Fan: 30x30x10 mm
Connector (Motor): 6.5 mm female
Connector (Battery): XT90-connector
Battery wire size: 10 AWG
Car Type Use: 1/10 – 1/8 scale

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