Cerix II RS-160 “Racing Factory” – Black/Red – 2-3S ESC, Sensored/Sensorless


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The Team Corally CERIX II RS-160 “RACING FACTORY” electronic speed controller for sensored and sensorless motors is fine tuned for today’s high power brushless motors. Everything can be set-up on these controllers to provide you the best functionality and performance.
The CERIX II RS-160 “RACING FACTORY” is manufactured with the highest grade components to ensure the lowest possible internal resistance, resulting in optimized performance. The CERIX II RS-160 “RACING FACTORY” controller gives the 1/10 On-Road and 1/10 Off-Road competition racer what he needs. You will experience the best controllability of your 1/10 Racing Cars, no matter if you use it with Spec or Modified motors


  • For sensored and sensorless motors
  • Manufactured with the highest grade components
  • Ultra compact design
  • Aluminum case for improved heat dissipation
  • Built in Capacitors
  • Built in power switch
  • Advanced boost and turbo timing system for improved acceleration performance
  • Enhanced throttle and brake control function.
  • 10 programmed profiles can be stored in the ESC
  • Adjustable BEC voltage 6.0V 5A or 7.4V 5A Current
  • Powerful TC Link software to test motor timing and advise the best ESC timing setting


Programming Features:
General Settings

  • Running Mode
  • Cut-off Voltage
  • Overheat protection
  • Motor Rotation
  • Reverse Speed


Throttle Control

  • Dead Band
  • Punch Rate SW- Point
  • Punch Rate 1
  • Punch Rate 2
  • Throttle Curve


Brake Control

  • Initial Brake
  • Drag Brake
  • Brake Strength
  • Brake Rate Control
  • Brake Curve


Boost Function

  • Boost Timing
  • Start RPM
  • End RPM
  • Boost Constraint
  • Boost Slope


Turbo Timing

  • Turbo Timing
  • Activation Method
  • Turbo Delay
  • Start RPM
  • Turbo Slope


Power Specs:

  • Application: 1/10 Touring – 1/10 Pan Car – 1/10 Off-Road – Crawlers
  • Cont. Current (A): 160A
  • Burst (A): 800A
  • Nr of Li-xx Cells: 2 – 3S
  • BEC: 6V 5A or 7.4V 5A
  • Motor Type: Sensored – Sensorless
  • Motor Limits:
    2S Li-Po
    => 3.5T – 1/10 On-Road
    => 5.5T – 1/10 Off-Road
    3S Li-Po
    => 5.5T – 1/10 On-Road
    => 8.5T – 1/10 Off-Road
  • Resistance: 0.00018 ohm
  • Dimensions: 37x33x22mm (30mm Fan)
  • Weight: 43g (51g Fan)

Additional information

Weight .22 lbs


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